Personal Field

Years of experience in successfully counselling companies and organizations in strategically sensitive and confidential fields. Support and council to boards of directors, managerial boards and leadership teams through the course of processes of change or development as well as on confidential strategic questions:

  • Council to CFO´s, CIO´s, CTO´s ,CEO´s, directors, area directors, managers and rising stars of international corporations.
  • Council to directors of subsidiary companies (Coaching and Leadership Team Building)
  • Coaching of  directors, managers and politicians on the executive level.
  • Chair and moderation von AC´s/ Development Center General Managment  in respect to the assessment of the qualification/social skills of general managers/managers/rising executives of global companies.
  • Executive-Interval-Training & Leadership training for rising executives
  • Training in integrative problem solving in complex areas of tension and conflict  
  • Planning and integral execution of praxis oriented and efficient strategy concepts, which clearly take into consideration the impact of changes on the people active in the company, their job definition and their complex cooperation requirements.  
  • TOP- Distribution/ Sales Training with innovative ideas / methods
  • professional consulting/counselling of circles of international consultants, who in turn consult TOP management of international corporations.