Personal Field Part Two

  • Planning, execution and stabilization of a multitude of  large scale processes and human resource development processes resulting in efficiency, integration liveliness.  
  • free Group Dynamics Training for further development of contact and conflict skills.
  • Management Development Programs, planning  and execution of integrative, sustainable human resource development strategies (in global joint ventures, etc.)
  • Consultant/Council for sensitive negotiations
  • Crisis management for global projects or consolidation processes
  • Long term external responsibility for processes of local and global change– /Organizational development- processes in various fields / branches in the profit- & non – profit - sector
  • Planning/Execution of  In house- & Cross Company training
  • Successful and integrative council for Carve Out – and restructuring processes

    In our network we cooperate with former top athletes as well as with internationally accomplished executives (former top- management) on all strategic business themes of outsourcing and restructuring.

    In Falkensee we have 2 Shire Horses as well as a driving and training area that can be used optionally for certain aspects of our leadership, communications training and coaching processes